• Plain black tailored smart trousers or plain black smart knee length pleated skirt
  • Formal white collared shirt with top button (not polo shirt)
  • Clip on tie
  • Navy blue school jumper with embroidered new logo
  • Plain black polishable shoes

In order to ensure that the overall appearance of the new uniform is appropriately smart, it will be unacceptable to wear leggings or “fashion” trousers which can be made of unsuitable fabric and can be too tight. We have chosen to adopt a formal pleated skirt in order to avoid fashion items which can also be inappropriately short or tight.

Asda (George online), Tesco and Marks and Spencer all have suitable formal trousers and skirt options. Formal white shirts are available from a wide range of stores. Formal black shoes which can be polished must be worn and trainers, boots, canvas shoes or fashion items are not an acceptable alternative.

Greggs Sports in Hexham will remain our uniform supplier for replacement items.