Teacher Assessed Grades Information

In January 2021, the Prime Minister confirmed that all examinations would be cancelled due to the impending lockdown and school closures.  Following this government decision, we worked to put in place robust arrangements for awarding centre assessed grades. Your teachers have used a range of evidence in order to determine a fair grade for each student; the evidence that has been used to make these decisions in each subject was shared with you prior to the assessment period that took place between Easter and May and is outlined below. These grades have been subject to thorough quality assurance processes as laid out in the schools Centre Policy (Centre Policy – Summer 2021) so that students, parents, colleges and employers can all have a high degree of confidence in the outcomes

In summary

  • Teachers had to assess the grade at which you were performing.
  • There will be no algorithm used this year.
  • The evidence used to determine each grade has been shared with you.
  • You have only been assessed on what was taught.
  • Non-Examined Assessment (NEA, coursework) can be used as evidence, even if incomplete.
  • Art, Textiles, Graphics and Photography grades were based on your portfolio.


Evidence Used:

Year 10 Assessments used for Centre Assessed Grades

Year 11 Assessments used for Centre Assessed Grades

Year 12 Assessments used for Centre Assessed Grades

Year 13 Assessments used for Centre Assessed Grades


Frequently Asked Questions about Teacher Assessed Grades:

How can I be assured that grades awarded are fair in comparison to other schools?

  • All schools are following the same guidance
  • We have undertaken moderation both internally and with other schools
  • We used existing grade boundaries where past paper questions were used for assessments.
  • All schools are subject to the same quality assurance and exam board moderation

How can I be assured that the grades I have been awarded are fair?

  • You have experienced teachers, including several who are current examiners for GCSE and A-Level
  • All judgements made were evidence based.
  • Exam Board materials were used for assessments
  • Several steps were used to eliminate bias (You only wrote candidate number on your test papers, different teachers marked papers, internal and external moderation took place)
  • The centre policy was adhered to when awarding grades