Things to do!

As we all do our bit by staying at home, here are some ideas and links to activities and areas of interest. We will be adding to this list on a regular basis.

Newly added…

The one, the only… the Weekly Tutor Group Quiz for 29th June.

The RCPCH has a page with some links to Stay at home activities for children and young people.

Do some colouring-in… Great free resources from Amy Dover.

Starting on 20 April the BBC will offer daily programmes to help parents and children with schoolwork at home during the lockdown. Videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles will appear on BBC Bitesize Daily via the BBC iPlayer, red button, BBC Four and BBC Sounds. Read about it at their page BBC offers biggest online education push ‘in its history’ or access BBC Bitesize Daily to go straight to the lessons.


Joe Wicks does an online PE lesson at 9am on youtube

Joe Wicks – 5 Minute Moves!

The Daily Mile

Personal challenge


Download workout videos


Pick up a book. Screens and films show you an image, books fire your imagination.

Online e-books at the Oxford Owl

Weekly Tutor Quiz


Practice another language with Duolingo or Memrise

Learn British Sign Language (BSL)


Listen to one David Walliams audio story every day – free

Watch Horrible Histories

Or Newsround

Or how about watching the animals live at Edinburgh Zoo?

Switch Off with your favourite soaps and boxed sets

Explore the world at the National Geographic for Kids

Chill out with the Georgia Aquarium Ocean Voyager webcam.

Do activities you enjoy

  • listen to music
  • read books/magazines
  • declutter your bedroom
  • jigsaws
  • puzzles
  • daily art challenge
  • painting
  • play some board games
  • play an instrument
  • word searches
  • mindfulness colouring books


A Social Distancing Maths challenge

Corbett’s conundrums

Piximath’s revision booklets

Mathsbot Number of the Day

Top Tips

  • Keep a routine – get up at the same time everyday, keep to a schedule
  • Eat healthily – limit sweets and fizzy drinks
  • Keep a diary or scrapbook
  • Limit social media – healthy mind, healthy body
  • Create goals for the rest of the year
  • Listen to news and seek information at set times to reduce anxiety and take control of your time at home – communicate with family and friends
  • Make a timeline of the most important times in your life

Garden Activities

  • spend time with pets
  • spring watch
  • press flowers in a book
  • make a fairy garden

School gardening

Countryside classroom

Woodland Trust

Bird watching – can be done out of a window or in a secluded area during daily exercise break

Here is a Bee identification sheet

Wildlife activities for all ages from The Widlife Trust.

Computer programming

Hour of code from before moving on to app lab

Learn to code in Python

Learn about codebreaking and cyphers

Learn about cyber security by playing a game and another cyber security game

Create a Time Capsule – write a letter to yourself outlining:

  • your age
  • favourite TV show
  • song
  • book etc.
  • draw a picture of yourself!
  • say what you would like to be when you grow up
  • take some pictures and include them

Or print this one out and fill it in – 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule.


The Science museum games and apps – Launchball is great!

The Scouts say ‘While we normally love the great outdoors, we’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas’ see – The great indoors

The Royal Society for Chemistry YouTube channel is full of experiments and things.

Do you know how to make Instant ice cream?

Whoa! 3D models

An IFLscience mathematician explains how to flatten the curve of coronavirus

Science buddies science projects

How about lollipop stick marshmallow launcher?

Or there’s Science on the CBBC

OpenEdu is an excellent science resource for older students. Good to practice scientific method, take measurements, plot graphs, experiment, consider variables etc. At least the first few experiments can be done without much more than stuff than is available in the house. Go to OpenEdu

And here is the OpenEdu booklet that goes with it

Make something!

It’s amazing what you can make with cardboard packets and tubes, a bit of glue (or sticky tape) and some paint. Make your own city (or world, or planet, or…) and populate it! Make up stories about your creation…

Instructables is the website for people who like to make things. (Psst – don’t tell anyone but when you make something new you’re really an inventor).

Other resources

Be a Risk Taker !

Access Twinkl Home learning packs

Access a range of fun, hands-on activities for families to use at home, suitable for all ages from 4 to 16 from Stem Learning

‘At home’ Learning Resources from Chester Zoo

Numeracy and Literacy

Go to IDL – your login is your surname + first intial + @ne476lr – for example BloggsJ@ne476lr . The password is hbhs16

Also see the Numeracy Shed and Literacy Shed