HBHS Sixth Form


Enrichment is a vital part of Sixth Form life. In order to compete for jobs and university places after Sixth Form, students need to demonstrate that they have a range of skills as well as an excellent academic record. This enrichment program gives students a diverse range of choices that will help them to make informed decisions about their lives and give them a sense of belonging.


  • Peer mentoring
  • Sixth Form Committee
  • Leadership development opportunities

Specialist Career support

  • Work Experience
  • UCAS mentoring by specialist
  • UCAS conventions
  • Local employer convention
  • Oxbridge program
  • Opportunities to attend Sutton Trust Sumer Camps
  • Specialist apprenticeship workshops.
  • Newcastle University PARTNERS program
  • Durham University Supported Progression
  • Employment skills
  • Student finance

Charity events

  • Charity Day

Tutorial program

  • Personal tutor
  • UCAS Mentoring
  • CIAG Support