Our Vision: A Dedication to Excellence

Haydon Bridge High School is the school of choice for staff, parents and students. We are an inclusive school; we put what is right for our students at the heart of everything we do, every decision, every initiative, the curriculum, the learning environment. We are governed by the principle that we will only do it if it is right for our students.

In our shared dedication to excellence we will not accept, and will always challenge poor standards from any members of the Haydon Bridge High School community.

We embrace all partners, feeder schools, community businesses, colleges, universities, the local authority and employers because we know that is in the best interests of our students.

Staff are fully committed to the ethos of ‘what is right for our students’. They are professional in all aspects of their behaviours, responsibilities and accountability because they know that it is right for our students.

Everyone who is part of Haydon Bridge High School; students, staff and stakeholders, know their strengths and have the confidence to be open about their areas for development. We know what we need to do to improve and are helped to do this. We are happy and emotionally secure because we know that that is important for us to achieve. Excellent results are achieved from starting points and we are prepared and developed for whatever pathway we want to take. We are committed to this because we know that it is right for our students.