Free School Meals

The Government is providing  £935 worth of funding per child for free school meals (FSM) to help children whose parents are on a low income or in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

The funding is not available automatically; therefore a parent, guardian or student needs to do one of the following:

  • Complete an application online
  • Telephone Northumberland County Council (NCC)  01670 623592
  • Request a paper application form from the reception desk of HBHS

To qualify for free school meals the parent / guardian needs to reside in Northumberland or the child needs to attend a Northumberland school.

Information for applications can be found on the NCC website by clicking the link below:

If you require further information and / or assistance in applying please contact the school and we will be pleased to help.

Benefit details for applications are checked by Northumberland County Council on receipt of the application. However, on some occasions you may be contacted with a request to provide proof of benefit.