At HBHS we place great emphasis on ensuring that all students are able to fulfil their potential and maximise progress whilst studying with us. For some students, the ability to make such progress means that they may need additional support or provision in place. Students who need additional support or provision in order to access all aspects of education and school life will be placed on the SEND register, parents of all students on the SEND Register will be informed of any changes to provision for their child. Parents will also be informed if their child is added to the register at any point during their school career.

There are different levels of SEND in relation to the provision that is needed and available and all students with SEND will be closely monitored in order to ensure that they are receiving the most appropriate support for them. The support that each student receives will differ depending on their needs and can range from working in a class where there is a Teaching Assistant available to support the teacher in delivering the lesson and ensuring all students can access it, to having access to a slightly different curriculum or support to manage unstructured social times such as breaks and lunches.

The progress of students placed on the SEND register is reviewed on a termly basis and if the student is making good progress, they may be taken off the SEND register, although they will still be closely monitored in order to ensure that progress continues at the expected rate. Parents are informed of any changes to the provision in place for their child, including if they are taken off the SEND register.

Here is the SEND Local Offer