Key Stage 5

Sixth Form

Our sixth form curriculum offers a wide variety of choice, allowing our students to build on their key stage 4 learning experiences and plan for future careers or further study. The Haydon Bridge High School Sixth Form curriculum is tailored to the individual student. Our focus is on enabling Sixth Form students to make the most of their academic and personal talents, and to become independent individuals who have high personal standards and are determined to succeed.

We offer a wide range of courses including a mix of traditional A-Level courses together with a range of vocational courses. A full and comprehensive post-16 options booklet is available each year. The curriculum we offer ensures that every student can pursue a Sixth Form programme that matches their interests, career plans and abilities.

Our Sixth Form students benefit from dedicated learning and recreational facilities within the school, and have access to a supportive and dedicated staff team who ensure that all students have a happy and productive time in the Sixth Form. There is a wide and excellent programme of extra-curricular activities, who assist students’ learning and encourage the development of social awareness and interpersonal skills.